We are small home based Boston Terrier breeders near Krakow in Poland.

We got the idea to start breeding Bostons as a result of our great affection for this breed.

A few years ago we were looking for the perfect dog for us and we came across some basic information about Bostons.

We were looking for a small dog which could be kept in a small apartment, but which would be full of energy and “wicked”. We were planning to move in the country where our neighbours had horses, goats and dogs, so we needed a dog that would be happy around a variety of animals. Our family was soon to grow not only because of the dog, so we needed a pet that was easy to look after and friendly with children. In the end we decided that the Boston was the perfect breed for us.

Our Rita is a typical Boston terrier who loves to chase a stick, romp in the grass, lie in the sun and sleep. What is very interesting is that she hardly ever barks, i.e. she has barked a few times, but it really was in exceptional circumstances (for example, when a fox came to our windows at night).
Our Boston is 2.5 years old now and her wonderful character has made us decide that she will not be the only terrier in our home for long…

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